Friday, December 19, 2008

Flat Spiral's - A Virulent Strain

Well, is there any beader on the planet who hasn't done a Flat/Square Spiral? Thanks to the video on Auntie's beads, it seems as if every beading group on the Internet is inundated with dozens of pictures of new bracelets made in this pattern. Every one different and every one beautiful.

The pattern works up so quickly that a bracelet can be completed in one sitting and the beads used are reasonable in price. I've done two, one I did almost two years ago in all blues and one I did recently that is reversible - See picture. When you pick up the string of 11/0's, pick up the first group in one color and pick up the second group in another color and that's how you get the reversible look.

For the core bead I have a tendency to use Firepolish as I like the way they sit and look. The facets give the sparkle of crystal, yet not the sharp edge of bicones or the expense of rounds. For the edge bead I use 10/0 Cuts which are sometimes hard to find. I got mine from Foxden on the net.
Some of the more ambitious beaders made this pattern two and three rows wide which then takes on the look of a pattern published in Beadwork in the February/March 2007 issue under the name Black Magic by Liz Smith.
If you haven't made one of these bracelets yet, there is still time before Christmas to whip out a gift for someone (maybe yourself). My pattern below lists the beads I used in the reversible, but please do a couple and try different beads. 15/0's can sub for 11/0's. Round gemstones could be used in place of the Firepolish and 8/0's in hex or triangles can sub for the 10/0 cuts.
Beads needed: Core beads 4mm Firepolish(FP) with 11/0 seed beads (two colors if you want reversible A & B) and 10/0 Cuts. Can be woven on Fireline, Power Pro or nylon beading thread.
On a comfortable length of thread, pick up two FP, (beginning of central spine)leaving a 8” tail to add the Toggle closure.

Then string three 11/0's Color A, one 10/0 Cut and three 11/0's Color B and go back up through the two original FP to form a loop - Push this loop to one side. Repeat this step and push the second loop to the other side.
*Pick up one FP, three 11/0's Color A, one 10/0 Cut and three 11/0's Color B then loop around to go back up through the last two FP on the core. Then pick up three 11/0's Color A, One 10/0 Cut and three 11/0's Color B and go through the same two FP.
Repeat from * until bracelet is the desired length. Then one half of the toggle closure on this end. Put the needle on the other end and sew on the other half of the toggle closure.

Enjoy your bracelet and congratulate yourself. If you need to see the video, go to Auntie's Beads and under the Karla Kam look for the Flat Spiral. Happy Beading and Happy Holidays.
Today's tip: Flatten your thread, especially thick Fireline or Power Pro with pliers to make threading your needle easier. Otherwise it's like putting a round peg in an oval hole.


Jax said...
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Jax said...

You are so right that these have taken everybody by storm! I made some as gifts for Christmas, they look so elegant and they are so easy to do! I can't wait to finally get one done for myself now that I have finished everybody else's gifts.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Your bracelets are lovely. I love doing that design myself. Yes, it is addicting.

naty said...

instructions easy to understand, addicting and fun to do the bracelets