Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beading Ideas

In today's economy, beading and other crafts are filling the need to be creative, yet keep the budget to a minimum. In my blog, I will share ideas, tip and techniques and the occassional pattern.

The necklace in this blog came about in an unusual way. I had taught a class on Russian Leaves (peeking out from behind) and made a pair of pink earrings. A friend of mine (Sharon) took them as soon as she saw them. Months later she gave them back saying she would never wear them. So I created this necklace with the netted flower from Barb Grainger's book, a lampwork bead from a mutual friend, Sally and called it Rose of Sharon. From this piece, I have gotten some notice when Sharon wears it and I'll be teaching a class in the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, Ky. at the bead store there on Nov. 8th.
The class prpject photo is shown below.

I belong to a number of online beading groups who share their treasures with the group. It is a great feeling to get an e-mail with a compliment on your latest piece of art. And these beaders are often eager to share their ideas and expertise. Some of the beaders are new and just learning and it reminds me of when I was a beginner-back in 1986. Amazing how much I have learned and yet how much there is to learn.

As a beader who specializes in off-loom beadweaving, most of the items I make are for the enjoyment of beading, but I do share them with family and friends as gifts. On occassion someone purchases something I've made and it give me great satisfaction to know my work has been appreciated.

Todays's tip is to bead what you like and do your best. This may sound simple, but behind the simplicity is the desire to sell or impress or turn out quantity rather than quality. If you focus on doing what you like to do, you are more likely to end up with a better product. It doesn't matter if you prefer stringing or weaving, quality should be the end result.


Lonnelles Jewels said...

Ms. Marilyn you are the greatest!! Love your work and your words are always incouraging. HUGS Danna

ChezChani said...

Hello from another Beadchat member. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love those little beads too, I have done nothing but Peyote stitch for about 1 1/2 years and there is no end in sight!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

I agree with your tip, Marilyn. I have always felt that if I bead what I like that someone out there will like what I bead. I just learned peyote and it is great.